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Address all learning needs with print solutions for patients, members, and employees

Krames remains a cornerstone brand in the StayWell family of health engagement and behavior management solutions. As StayWell continues to innovate, Krames remains focused on your needs and the needs of the patients, members, and employees you serve. That’s why StayWell offers print and digital solutions that address a range of learning styles and preferences. 

The Krames portfolio of print products helps you reach print learners – those who learn better from seeing printed or written words. Even in today’s digital age, that’s a lot of people. Consider these recent survey findings:

  • More than half of patients rank printed brochures or booklets that give disease or drug information as the most useful communication method
  • More than half 55% of healthcare providers surveyed say they rely on printed communications when talking with patients over any other form of communication

Clinicians have relied on our comprehensive selection of patient education titles that span a range of specialty areas. Our customers in the health plan and employer spaces value our wellness titles that offer broader coverage of content to address healthy behaviors and risk management.

Want to learn more? Download information that shows the unmatched value Krames booklets and brochures brings to you and those you serve.

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